Who we are

About Fast Track Benefits

We aim to provide expert advice and quality service.

At Fast Track Benefits, our vision is to be the most trusted primary source in addressing the needs of individuals’ and organizations’ health and welfare needs. Our mission is to make sure that our partners remain informed, empowered and compliant. We use the “Three E’s” model to achieve this, providing a sense of stability in an otherwise volatile, high-cost driven environment.

The Three E’s

Our model is simple. We set out to do three things when we work with you:


We listen to our partners. We want to know what keeps them up at night. We want to know what scares them, what concerns them and what makes them optimistic.


Our top priority is making sure that everyone we help has a clear understanding of what we do, what we offer and how it helps them. We make sure that they know the advantages and challenges of the health plan or business service with which we pair them.


This is what we do! The enrollment process seems simple; and it usually is. But it can oftentimes be daunting- for individuals and organizations. Let us walk with you each step of the way. From the quote, to the enrollment, to the receipt of ID cards, we are always here to help.