Short Term Medical Plans

Only need a plan for a short period of time? Short Term Medical Plans, or STMP’s are a great way to “fill in the gap” while waiting for benefits to begin at a new job, or waiting for Medicare or an Exchange Plan to go into effect.  They may also be a great- and cheaper- alternative to ObamaCare when you don’t qualify for a premium discount.  STMP’s are not deemed Qualified Health Plans, so coverage may be limited or even exclude some medical plan benefits such as prescription coverage or behavioral health coverage. They may also rate (increase) or deny coverage due to preexisting conditions. But if you need something in place just in case you get sick or get admitted to a hospital, they can be a viable option to consider.  We offer several plans that we can adjust and manage to make them fit your budget. Give us a call to discuss which plan fits you best. 

Short Term Health Plans are ideal when:

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